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Running In My Daughters Memory - Lucky # 7

Pinny Gildin

Pinny Gildin

When a woman loses her husband, she's a widow.

When a man loses his wife, he's a widower.

When a child loses his parents, he's an orphan.

When a parent loses their child, there is no word.

Since my wife Karen and I “fit the mold” for the last of those, losing our oldest daughter Alyssa Lauren/Elisheva Leora at 9 months of age, we have heard countless stories from friends, family members, and others who had experienced the same.

Through it all, the Chai Lifeline organization was front and center from Day 1 to the present day to help us. What this organization did for us and continues to do for over 5,000 families across the globe is nothing short of remarkable. They provide meals, counseling, trips, and volunteers to visit kids in the hospital. There is also Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special which serves the needs of those battling cancer, and other debilitating handicaps.

I have committed in my daughters memory to raise much needed funds for this worthy cause, and run for my 7th consecutive year with Team Lifeline in the Miami Marathon on January 27,2019. I am doing this to give back to Chai Lifeline, and give other kids and their families a chance to experience life without the daily struggle as much as possible.

Please click the Donate button on this page, and give as much as you can. May you blessed with good health, happiness, and success in all your endeavors.

Best - Pinny



raised of $18,000 goal


1. Daniel And Hindy Lifshitz
In memory of Alyssa Gildin
2. Steven Gildin
3. Brian Goldstein
In honor of Alyssa
4. Howard & Robin
5. Rachel Amalfitano
6. Gary And Jill Goldstein

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