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Carrie Hawk

Carrie Hawk

This January I will be running in the Miami marathon in memory of an incredibly special young girl who was very close to my heart, Adeena Paknoush a”h. Adeena was one of the most kind, charismatic, gracious, and grateful people that I have ever met. I was so lucky to have been her counselor and had the opportunity to learn, laugh, connect, and share many incredible memories with Adeena that will forever be with me.

Last summer before Adeena came to Camp Simcha, she was adamant that she would stay only for the famous helicopter rides and then bounce but within a day of being surrounded by the energy and love that Camp Simcha radiates, she knew she would be staying for the entire session. As Adeena said many times throughout camp “Disneyland got nothing on Camp Simcha.” In addition to Adeena loving camp, everyone in camp instantly fell in love with Adeena. She couldn’t walk two steps to get to where she was going without someone stopping her to try to get to know her. If I had to pick one character trait that totally encompassed Adeena (although there really are so many to choose from) it would be her hakarat hatov. Any time someone did something big or even the smallest little gesture for Adeena they would be met with the most genuine thank you that would light up their faces.

This is why I decided that it would be extremely appropriate to run this marathon in her memory, to show hakarat hatov to Camp Simcha for giving Adeena the summer of her life and doing something that we know would make her so happy. Last year Adeena and I planned to run this marathon together to give back to a place that she loved so much but unfortunately she didn’t make it. “Today, I am here to return the love and raise money for the place that did so much for me. My experience was unbelievable. Every one of the 14 days were amazing. Each day was filled with unforgettable activities and new friends. The staff at Camp Simcha is second to none, each camper is individually cared for. I can’t wait to go again next year. I fell in love with Chai Lifeline and my new family.” This is what Adeena had to say about Camp Simcha and I know that nothing would make her happier than for others to experience the same magic of camp that she did.

Please help me share Adeenas story and keep her legacy alive.
Tizku l’mitzvot

(below is a link to the March of Hope that Camp Simcha did with a beautiful voice over from Adeena)

Best - Carrie



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Go Carrie, we are so proud of you!
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