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David Farhi

David Farhi

Traveling is a passion of mine. So is avoiding heart attacks. I’ve struggled with weight loss for a good few years of my life, and I’m finally starting to win this battle of tug of war. I’ve lost 31 pounds in the past 6 weeks, and I don’t intend on stopping now.

I will please God be running both a 10k and half-marathon in the near future in support of an incredible organization named @chai_lifeline whose work has touched the lives of countless worldwide. They have provided, and continue to provide, unending support and hope to those battling cancer and genetic illnesses.

They have changed my life. They have changed the lives of some of my dearest friends.

I've been involved with their organization for a number of years now in different capacities, and I'd like to help them continue their important work. I'd love it if you can show me your support in my personal battle by donating to this incredible cause.

Thank you so so much and I love you all,



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1. Brachy Wittels
2. David Farhi
Let’s get this party started
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Run David Run !!!!
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Keep up the great work!!
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Keep on keepin’ on!
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Keep on inspiring those around you!!
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