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Eliyahu Fink

Eliyahu Fink

Hi Friends, I want to tell you why I am running the Miami Marathon this January. In 2010, I ran the Miami Marathon to raise money for Chai Lifeline. For those of you who don’t know, Chai Lifeline is an organization that helps children battling cancer and other serious chronic conditions. One of their programs is a place called Camp Simcha. I had worked in Camp Simcha as a counselor that summer and I had seen what a beautiful place it was. For children and teens who spend a lot of time in hospital rooms and doctors’ offices, Camp Simcha offers a place where they can just be normal kids. I left that summer feeling inspired to help. I was a real couch potato who couldn’t even run around the block, but I trained hard and ran the 26.2 miles to benefit Chai Lifeline. I did it together with a few friends. We all lived in Silver Spring, MD at the time, and we called ourselves “Team Spring.”
In the years since, I moved out of Maryland. Every year we talked about putting the whole team back together and every year it hasn’t worked out. A few months ago, one of our teammates (and Camp Simcha alumnus) Shua Mendlowitz, had to spend a few weeks in the ICU. It was a scary time and we were all pretty worried about him. Chasdei Hashem, Shua is home and doing much better. He reached out to the whole team asking “If not now, when?” For the 2019 Miami Marathon, we are putting Team Spring back together to run our hearts out for Chai Lifeline. Whatever you can contribute it’s for a great cause. #TeamLifeline #WhyIRun #TeamSpring

Love, Eliyahu



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Kol Hakavod Eliyahu!!! May you inspire others to join in this very worthwhile cause. Sharon and Michael Rachel, Tamara and Lauren
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