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Elkah Hoffer

Elkah Hoffer

Hi my name is Elkah Hoffer and it is with great joy,honor and excitement to announce that I will be running in my very first marathon, which will be Chai lifelines Miami run January 27th 2019.

Let me tell you first about why Chai lifeline is incredible. Chai lifeline is a non-profit organization that provides over 4,500 children and their families emotional and financial support, Chai Lifeline goes above and beyond and it is truly amazing.

I am running this marathon in honor of my hero Libi. This little girl is my inspiration and source of strength; Libi is one of the many warriors who I have been honored to have met throughout my years volunteering with Chai lifeline Canada.

I became Libis “Big Sis” this past summer and we connected instantly we became like real sisters, Libi enjoys what any other 3 year old would enjoy doing, she loves running, playing jumping, eating ice cream, dancing and just being a kid. But for being just three years old Libi has fought harder for life than anyone i know.

Libi was born with a Congenital Heart Defect Libbi has had 2/3 major heart surgeries, but even through it all she manages to somehow give her award wining smile and wink through everything and anything, if this doesn’t show true bravery and strength I honestly don’t know what does.

Libi when I look at you, I see FIERCE, I see, BRAVE, I see STRENGTH and I see COURAGE, Libbi you are the definition of inspiring and you don’t even know you are inspiring others!!. She may be small in size but she has the BIGGEST HEART, the BIGGEST SMILE, the most GENUINE personality gives the BEST HUGS and of course is the strongest warrior out there.

Libi I promised you I would help you fight your battle somehow. I promised you if I can’t take what’s hurting you I will do something that will make it a little “easier” or more bearable, so I’m running this marathon and fundraising for YOU sweet girl because that’s what sisters do ??,

What is a hero? A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to push and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. Remember not all superheroes wear capes some just wear big smiles...

I have learned multiple lesson just by spending time with Libi but one lesson that I have decided to share with everyone is to Never give up on yourself- even if it feels impossible that word itself says IM POSSIBLE always fight, running this marathon or fundraising is not going to be easy but its not impossible I promised you I would somehow help and this is my promise.

PLEASE share my link with EVERYONE and ANYONE. Chai lifeline has brought the closest thing to magic for families and their children affected by illnesses. We need you to continue making this possible! With your help we will be able to bring a little light and calmness into dark and hectic times. PLEASE donate and help me reach my goal or even exceed it so children like Libi can continue to receive the incredible support chai lifeline offers and make these painful journeys a little easier and a little more manageable.

May your donations be in zechus of a full refuah Shelema for
libi sapir gabriella bas azia
every donation counts nothing is too little and nothing is tool large

Thank you for your donation I really appreciate it.
see you at the finish line!!



raised of $4,000 goal


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Good luck Elkah
4. Yitzi & Libby Weiss
5. Jessica Davis
Thank you for doing this in the merit of my sweet niece Libi’s complete refuah. So special!
6. Abby Spiro
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