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Ilana Levy

Ilana Levy

So many of us are fortunate to lead healthy lives, but almost all of us know someone in our lives who is not as fortunate. How much do we want to help them, to make every moment a laughing moment, of happiness and hope. How often we try, but fall short when the reality of their condition hits us. How often do we wish they could find a place where they weren’t limited by their condition.

Chai Life line is a place that provides for that very purpose, and not only that but emulates true love. Here, not only do they offer a helping hand to sick kids and their families, a basic support team, but here a kid can be simply that, a kid. Here they are kids, persuaded to play, to explore, to be themselves without the limited reality they’re confined to.

This year I will be running at the Miami marathon with Chai life line. I encourage you all to donate what you can to this beautiful organization that has touched so many of us and our loved ones. I know so many who have greatly benefited from spending some time here, but most of all this is a personal opportunity for me to give back to a place that made Adeena paknoush feel like home.

Please click here to donate and help me reach my goal in order to join the marathon for an amazing, selfless organization!!

Let’s get “Chai” on life!!!

Best - Ilana Orna Levy



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