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Judah Lopatin

Judah Lopatin

This will be the third year I have run for Team Lifeline. Chai Lifeline had been there for my family and my sister the whole time that Cara had cancer - both times. I also have two friends in my grade at SAR (in New York) that also got cancer, and Chai Lifeline had been there for them the whole time. A couple of years in, my sister went to Camp Simcha. At first, Cara told me, she was a little worried. But the the first thing Cara said when we picked her up was, “I can’t wait to go back next year!” Camp Simcha is such an incredible place as it makes every kid feel special. My two other friends went to Camp, too, and they came back with amazing stories about helicopter rides, jet-skis, and the great dancing - all things that they couldn’t have imagined of doing in their condition before going. Chai Lifeline is such an incredible organization with such amazing programs - how could I NOT run?!

Thank you so much!

Best - Judah



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1. David Tessler
Go Team Cara!
2. David Harris
3. The Wechselblatts
Go team Cara!!! We're rooting for all of you!
4. Levine Family
Go Judah!
5. Stacy and Joey Raviv
The Ravivs will be cheering for all of you from Chicago!
6. Cortney and Jonathan Cope
So proud of you!
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