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Dena Werner

Dena Werner

Dear Family and Friends,

Five years ago, I signed up to run in the Miami marathon. Mainly as a result of a spontaneous decision and a friend's persistence. Little did I know that I was signing up for an experience that would change my life. Five years... and I haven't looked back.

Joining Teamlifeline has impacted and enriched my life in ways I would have never dreamed possible. Although the fundraising is tough, and the training a bit rougher... running that course with so many inspiring individuals... makes it not only worth it, but a pure privilege.

Observing children and adults with disabilities run, or walk, that course with such conviction infuses me with such perseverance, hope, and determination. They have showed me what persistence means, and have helped me to develop a more selfless and grateful persona.

When I first signed up, Zaidy Newmark and Uncle Menachem were there to encourage my training and support my fundraising. I will never forget what a keen interest Zaidy took in my run year after year... I know without a doubt that they are watching and smiling from above.

Help us raise money in their memory... so that the children of Chai Lifeline can attend another season at Camp Simcha.

Without you I cannot do it... but with you, I'm one step closer! Let's do this!

All the best,


Best - Dena



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1. Debbie Egert
Good luck go Dina!
2. Rachel Klein
Keep being so awesome!!
3. Gitty
Go Dena!!
4. Ezer & faigy
Yaaaaay dena! Enjoy! Ur doing great things!
5. Devorah Friedman
Go Dena! Love the Friedman's
6. Golda Srebro
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