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Casielle Aka Miriam Mehl

Casielle Aka Miriam Mehl

Im back! This year I am run/walking 21km. In loving memory of my mothers' sister, aunty Katy, who passed away this December 1st of Cancer in Marbella Spain, where she resided. She was a loving mother, grand-mother, sister and friend. You will be missed by all those who's lives you've touched.

It's very diffiult for me to not want to give back to Chai Life Line. They are truly an amazing organization. They provide so much support for our community and to all those affected by suffering and illness.

For those who aren't familiar with Chai Life Line, here's a short awe inspiring clip... but first get a box tissues.

Best - Casielle Aka Miriam



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Good luck, Miriam.

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