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Running in memory of Mayer Ben Mordechai Azriel A'H

Penina Sebbag

Penina Sebbag

You may already know that I’m training to run in the Lifetime Miami Marathon this January. I’m running for something important. I am running to raise money for Chai Lifeline, a wonderful organization dedicated to helping very sick children and their families.
They truly go above and beyond this. They always step in when the world needs them.
In June of 2017, my husband Mayer a'h passed away suddenly, at the age of 28. I was 22 and newly pregnant with our daughter, (Born January 2018) Basia. There were many members of Chai Lifeline who became involved with me, and with my family during that difficult time. It had a great impact on me, as I had previously been involved with Chai Lifeline as a staff member in Camp Simcha Special. I truly saw another side to this amazing organization.
Upon Mayer's first Yahrzeit in June, I decided to run for Team Lifeline. My goal is to raise money L'iluy Nishmas my husband, Mayer Ben Mordechai Azriel. I need your help to reach my goal!
See you at the finish line!



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1. Abe & Shay Cohen
In honor of Mayer A’H
2. Shifra B Hamada
3. Monica Kaffash
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