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Shira Gordon

Shira Gordon

I am once again proud to be a part of Team Lifeline Miami! I have had the privilege of working in the Camp Simcha Special infirmary for the past 7 years. Camp Simcha Special is a medical camp designed for kids with chronic and genetic illnesses who would otherwise not be able to attend camp like their peers. It is a place where I have met the most incredible kids who have become an important part of my life. These kids are fighting battles on a daily basis. They spend countless hours at doctors offices and hospitals during the year. Camp is a place where they are able to be kids again. They are not only able to participate in camp activities, they are able to meet and get to know kids who are all in the same boat. They are able to build a network of campers and staff who understand their struggles and are with them through the good and hard times. Camp becomes an integral part of their lives and helps bring fun and joy to their childhoods.

Please help me help these awesome kids!




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1. Daniella Klein
Thanks for taking care of our kiddos :)
2. Anonymous
In honor of all the campers of Camp Simcha Special
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