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Shua Mendlowitz

Shua Mendlowitz

Hey it's Shua Mendlowitz back again for my 9th, yes NINTH year with Team Lifeline! In the past I've run in memory of other people and as a merit for people who were sick. This year it's gonna be different. You see in June, I had an amazing miracle that occurred to ME! After several hospitalizations for various needs I ended up in the hospital with Sepsis – a bacteria had been mistreated and therefore was left to course through my body!! I had a raging fever and over a couple days was having a hard time breathing. My lungs had a reaction to the infection called A.R.D.S, basically making it necessary for me to be put on a ventilator. Boruch Hashem we were able to transfer to John Hopkins Hospital where miraculously they were able to wean me off the vent after 5 1/2 days in which I was heavily sedated and not able to eat, drink, or talk! Well, again thanks to Hashem, the doctors discovered two huge stones in my bladder that would have to be surgically removed! Then I had to recover from the sepsis and surgery! Thank G-d I just typed this up from my bed at HOME! This year I am running as a merit for a continuous recovery for myself. There were a LOT of open miracles that happened while I was in the hospital and I'm just grateful I'm alive today. As part of my gratitude to Hashem for all the Nissim He performed for me I thought it very appropriate for more Tzedaka to be given because life is priceless. I also dedicate this run to the many organizations, family and friends who were so supportive of me and my family during this challenging time. Any amount is deeply appreciated! Thank you!



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