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Team Ellie

Team Ellie

Ellie is a sweet, fun and lovable 6 year old girl.
She loves unicorns and shopkins and all the other things 6 year old girls love but Ellie is so different.
She has courage and strength that cannot be found in those way beyond her years. Shes a fighter.
And for the past year, she’s been fighting.
Chai lifeline is an organization that goes to the end of the world to help warriors like Ellie. They will do everything and anything it takes to ensure that laughter, happiness and smiles are also part of the fight. It is our honor to take upon ourselves to run this half marathon with Team Lifeline for Ellie. We train, sweat and run in conditions that are sometimes freezing, snowy and rainy.
When it comes down to it, it’s all for the kids.
It’s for Ellie.
And for all the other Warriors.
Who fight.
Even when they’re tired.
Even when they’ve had enough.
They inspire us and push us to do everything we can to show we care.
So help us, help them.
Help us show Ellie that we are fighting for her.
That her courage and strength is our fuel.
Make a donation today.
For the unicorns.
For the smiles.
For the fight.
For Ellie.

(**For any questions about Chai Lifeline or for more information on Team Lifeline and how you can join Team Ellie, please dont hesitate to call Naomi Hoffman (514) 651-4840 )



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