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Tzivia Rosenberg

Tzivia Rosenberg

This past January I ran my first Chai Lifeline marathon and it was a deeply moving experience for me, one more amazing that I could have ever imagined. Before I got there, I wasn’t sure what to expect or how I would be able to run the 13.1 miles, and yet here I am now signing up for the next possible opportunity.

Running alongside the many chai lifeline runners was something I will never forget. The feeling of accomplishment you get when doing something so out of your comfort zone is incredible and doing so while helping others is indescribable.

Please help me reach my goal so that I can ly’’h have the opportunity of being a part of something so powerful again. Any donation is appreciated! Don’t forget the number of children and families we’ll be able to help together!

Love, Tziv



raised of $5,500 goal


1. Aaron And Chava Herzog
2. Charlie & Menucha Smith
Tziv you are awesome in what you’re doing!! You go girl!!! Proud!!
3. Esther Klein
4. Ahuva Kushner
You go girl!!
5. Jeremiah Brach
Tzivia , keep up your good work we are very proud of you and we expect you to win ! Yermia and Suri
6. Matis & Rivky Rosenberg
Tzivia ! We are so proud of you! Keep on running in your good ways!
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