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Caitlyn Juroviesky

Caitlyn Juroviesky

Faith, trust, and Simcha dust.

I am lucky enough to have experienced real magic. No, it didn't come in the shape of a genie in a bottle or some age old treasure chest that I stumbled upon in the woods. My magic came in the form of a camp located deep in the mountains, having formed its own little world.

This isn't a story of once upon a time and who knows if it'll have a happily ever after, but for a short time, I was the protagonist of a wonderful fairy tale in which everyday was a new page waiting to be filled with adventure. For two short weeks every year, I was whisked away from the pain of doctors and needles. No longer was I a patient, but a Princess in a whimsical land in which anything was possible. I could ride dragons (er helicopters), race horses (well, motorcycles really), and did it all without fear. With a sprinkle of magic, my pain was forgotten and the only tears shed were happy ones. Camp Simcha was no ordinary place, after all.

It was a realm in which dreams could come true, in which I, the tragic Cinderella, had transformed the moment I stepped through the threshold of that magical road. It wasn't just me, however, it was every other girl who came through those gates. Every year, dozens of children, just like myself, became Princes and Princesses that graced the land. We howled like wild things and danced well past the midnight hour, no pumpkin coaches or magical shoes disintegrating into sparkling dust.

I was not an outcast, forced to hide my scars from the world. I was not a damsel in distress who was stuck in a hospital room, longing for the world outside of her tower, and the only villain was perhaps the fact that there was no limit on canteen. A Kingdom with its own laws and rulers that could bring a smile to even the most hardened of hearts. It was a home, my home, and every year, when the story drew its conclusion and the pages seemed as though they were going to close, I would cry.

But it wasn't over, not yet. Stuck in my tower, Chai Lifeline would be there to break me out, if only from the gloom. Bringing love, laughter, and light in my time of need, that is why I run.



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