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Mendy Dalfin

Mendy Dalfin

Dear friends and family!

I am excited to announce I will be doing my first ever Marathon run!
I am no runner. I love training in self defense.
But recently, my dear sister Rivky asked me to join her for the Miami half marathon.
For those that don't know Rivky, she is one of a kind!
Rivky was born premature and had difficulty walking on her own. With
G-d's help, she progressed to walking with a walker and now only needs crutches.
Throughout her journey, Rivky became a devoted family member of Chai Lifeline. Chai Lifeline's programs offer emotional, social, psychological, and financial assistance to families living with pediatric illness. Chai Lifeline makes Rivky feel like the most special girl in the world.
Rivky radiates excitement and enthusiasm for their programs, outings and events.
Which is why when Rivky asked me to join her in a marathon to raise money for Chai Lifeline, I signed up in an instant!!

I take advantage that I am able to walk without assistance. For my sister Rivky, it is a constant battle that she pushes through on a daily basis. She is a strong and powerful young lady and that determination will be getting her to the marathon FINISH LINE!

We both want to give back to this wonderful organization, Chai Lifeline, who has helped us and continues to help Rivky and many others enjoy life to the fullest.

It would mean so much to us if you helped out this beautiful cause and follow along our journey in completing the Miami January half marathon!!



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1. Mordechai Dalfin
2. Motty and Chaya
Go Mendy! Spread the mayonnaise ??
3. Yakov Scheinfeld
Go Mendy!
4. Meir Kalmanson
You're an amazing brother! You're in for an incredible experience! (start training ;) Have Funnnn!
5. Samuel Abeshouse
6. Tamara Druery
Kol Hakavod Mendy and Rivki! Hope you guys have a blast participating in this achievement together xx
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