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Penina Reznick

Penina Reznick

No, not that generic “I’m running to make a difference, please sponsor me” paragraph. Aside for the fact that you like me and you want to sponsor me, (and you’re currently stalking my page, probably to see who sponsored me what, but that’s okay. Imagine your name up there for the next stalker) I’m running in memory of a person who inspires me every day. A man who was incredible beyond words. A man who I’m fortunate enough to have known as my grandfather, who is known to the world as Chacham Raphael Ohayon. I know everyone’s grandfather is special, but let me tell you a little bit about mine. My grandfather was a Talmid Chacham. He always devoted his time to learning, constantly pouring over multiple Sefarim. I don’t ever remember seeing him without a Sefer by his side. Not only was he tremendously learned, he was also a leader to his community, his family and to everyone he met. Among other things, he was a shochet and a sofer, and he excelled in both. He was focused, meticulous and a real perfectionist in everything he pursued. I’m humbled and honoured to be his granddaughter. Although he is no longer with us, I feel his presence and I’m inspired by who he was and how he lived. I’m running for the inspiration he gives me every day. Help me honor his memory and the love he had for his family and Torah.

Best - Penina



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1. Yehuda Klein
2. Allen Azoulay
3. Michal Nachum
The extra dollar is for your birthday ;) good luck Rez!!! :*
4. Lolly
Go Rez Go!!!!!!!
5. Michele Kalt
We are so blessed to have u in our lives! Your grandfather is very proud of u !!!
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