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Rachel Lopatin

Rachel Lopatin

Yes.....I am getting ready to schlep across Miami again.....My knees are getting worse, my time is getting slower, and I am definitely feeling older these days.....however, my resolve is stronger than ever to be part of Team Cara and to be part of Team Lifeline. Cara is, b"h, doing well. We had a scare with Cara this fall which reminded us that we are still a "cancer family" and still need to be vigilent. While thankfully, we don't need Chai Lifeline now.....there are still many families who do...including many who we are very close with. As we say....until there is no need for Chai Lifeline.....we will keep supporting Chai Lifeline.....and that is why we do this.....

Thank you, as always, for your support....

Best - Rachel



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1. Opperer Family
Kol Hakavod Lopatins!
2. Hazel Davis
Every member of your family is an inspiration. Hard to choose a favorite Lopatin! Go Team Cara!!! Lots of love
3. Jessica Muss
4. Prager Family
Go Team Cara! We love you, Lopatins!!!
5. Levine Family
Go Rachel!
6. The Weiner Family
Cheering on all the inspiring Lopatin runners!!

Team Cara


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