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In memory of Karen Merse

Tehilah Kaplan

Tehilah Kaplan

In early September of last year, I received the devastating news of Karen’s cancer diagnosis. I had been working with Karen at that point for 9 years and she eventually became my department manager. But Karen was more than just someone I worked with and for. Over the years, Karen became a close friend, a mentor, and someone I looked up to.

After a hard and courageous battle, Karen passed away in April, leaving behind her heartbroken family and many friends. Karen was so loving, caring, generous, and kind. She was so supportive of my professional and personal pursuits. One of my annual events that she always supported was my run for Team Lifeline, an organization supporting thousands of families of children with cancer and other serious medical diagnoses. It’s hard to believe that Karen isn’t here to support me this year like she had always been. Instead, I am dedicating this year’s run to Karen’s memory.

One of the flagship programs for the organization is a summer camp for the sick children. More accurately, it is a hospital disguised as a summer camp; children in all stages of disease can participate and gain the strength and social support they need to fight their diseases for the next year. The campground has top medical staff onsite around the clock, with all of the medical equipment necessary to provide hospital level care. While receiving the treatments and care they need, the children can participate in a plethora of activities to meet their needs and desires, while learning to not let their limitations get in their way.

Camp has a candy room, where children come at all times of day (and night) and have an unending supply of candies and snacks. Knowing how much Karen loved her candy, my goal is to raise $40,000 by race day, January 27, 2019, to sponsor the candy room for all 4 camp sessions next summer, keeping the spirit of Karen’s generosity and love of candy glowing, passing some of her positive energy on to the 500 children fighting these courageous battles in camp.

$40,000 is a lot of money to raise and I would appreciate any support you can give. Every bit helps!

Thank you for your support!



raised of $40,000 goal


1. Cigna
2. Steven Merse
My wife Karen Merse thought the world of Tehilah Kaplan. Karen often said that Tahilah was so very generous and always hard working for Team Lifeline. I am so proud and fortunate to able to continue Karen’s great friendship with Tahilah and all of Karen’s friends at Risk Strategies. “ Keep up the good work, Tee”
3. Robert Stewart
In memory of Karen Merse
4. Joshua Lluch
5. Emerson Reid
6. Steven Merse
Tehilah Kaplan...Good Luck and Good Job. I Love what you do.

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