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Hi! Welcome to my Team Lifeline page!

Amy Friedman

Amy Friedman

You may already know that I’m training to run in the Team Lifeline Half Marathon in Miami this coming January. It will be a huge accomplishment for me. Fitness has always been a major part of my life, but running 13 miles in a row isn't something I ever thought I would do! It's going to be a lot of work, but I’m nothing if not determined, and anyone who knows me knows that! I will absolutely succeed because I’m running to raise money for Chai Lifeline, an amazing organization that helps very sick children and their families.

Although you could never tell from meeting her, my energetic 12 year old niece, Temima, was born with a congenital heart defect that has required a 5 open-heart bypass operations as well as several pacemakers. She and her family have directly benefited from Chai Lifeline in the past and will again. Thankfully, she is living a normal life, but there are so many other children who need the services that Chai Lifeline provides. In June, when I heard about this half marathon from my sister, Pesha, I jumped at the chance to do it in Temima's honor. Little could I know that another surgery would be looming for her in the coming months. In early December, Temima underwent another open-heart surgery to replace her aortic valve and pacemaker. Thank g-d, it was successful and she's healing well. My commitment to participating in the half-marathon has increased exponentially as it has become much more personal and timely.

Chai Lifeline is a wonderful organization that provides emotional, social, and financial support to more than 4,500 children and their families every year. The programs and activities change their lives forever, giving them hope and enabling them to live full and happy lives despite the presence of illness. Its most famous program is Camp Simcha and its sister camp, Camp Simcha Special. Every summer these two camps offer 450 kids a chance to forget about illness and just be kids again. To get a better idea of what Chai Lifeline does, please watch the videos below. Grab a tissue or a Starbucks napkin or something...they're quite moving.

Training is definitely not easy, but neither is dealing with illness. If the children of Chai Lifeline can fight each day and push themselves to go through hospital stays and treatments, then I can push myself to run 13 measly miles. But I can't do it alone - I need your help to raise as much money as possible for these kids. So please, push the donate button and help me help them. ANY amount is accepted and appreciated. Truly.

We can do this!!

Thank you!!



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1. Daddy
Thank you, Tiger You make your father proud---all of you.
2. Mary Bene Kaplan
Proud to honor Amy for her efforts!
3. Scott & Pesha Izenberg
In honor of our amazing, incredible sister Amy and in the zechus of a refuah shelayma for Chaya Temima bas Pesha Shoshana
4. Goshorn Aesthetics
Run Amy Run!! Goshorn Aesthetics!
5. Jonathan Kaplan
Best wishes for a successful run and a refuah shleima for Chaya Temima bas Pesha Shoshana - Abbe & Jonathan
6. Sam & Patricia Chafetz
We all are with Amy and Temima!!
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