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Together, we can do good!

Yoni Colman

Yoni Colman

You're here because illness, frankly, is terrible. The devastation that occurs when illness strikes is deep, painful, and affects us all.

Chai Lifeline is on the front lines of helping children and families suffering through illness. We should never need their services... But if we do, they are there. Meals, carpool, social programs, emotional support, toys, etc.... The list goes on and on. Chai Lifeline exists to reduce the suffering of those that are enduring the most devastating moments of their lives.

The staff and volunteers of Chai Lifeline are incredibly deep and caring people. Since I can't work for them... I am going to try to support them this way

Reasons I am running a half marathon:

1) I want to raise awareness for this incredible organization. We should all do our part in helping to support this deeply important and altruistic work. Kids and families that are suffering... Your partnership helps support the efforts to reduce and repair that suffering!

2) Running to fight illness? Yes! I Haven't been active in over a decade. Training to run is hard... But illness is harder. This is an exercise in awareness, perseverance, and empathy. Your support means that you think it's cool to support kids and families who are going through illness.

3) Cancer. It sucks. You should never know of it. But if you do....then you know of the pain, uncertainly, triumphs, hope, battle, and surrender it creates. It took my dear beloved father in law Rabbi Yehoshua Zev Abramoff z'l away from us way to soon. I miss him. Let's give cancer a kick in the tuchus back... Supporting the work of Chai Lifeline does this in the most meaningful way.

Your support and partnership will mean that we are giving a literal Lifeline to those who need it the most. So...let's do this together!

Click those buttons and partner with me in supporting the great people of a great organization, and partner with me in helping kids and families that are in need, in the most important way! Thank you!




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1. Anonymous
2. Adele Phillipson
Thank you for running, so Eli won’t make me!
3. Yechiel & Lisa Colman
Run Yoni Run! See Yoni Run!
4. Binyomin Posen
You can do this!!!!
5. Eli Colman
You can do it!! I'm so proud of you!!! Run baby run!!
6. Moshe Soloveichik
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