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Sally Rose Dweck

Charlie Harary

Charlie Harary

I’m training to run in the New York City Marathon this November. It’s my first marathon and while training for it is a challenge, it pales in comparison to the challenges facing children and their families dealing with illness. The courage they embody as they persevere through the pain, uncertainty, hospital stays and treatments is heroic and inspiring.

I am dedicating all the money raised for the refua shelaima (the speedy recovery) of all those grappling with illness and in particular to one adorable, charming, five-year superstar, Sally Rose Dweck (Elisheva Bat Esther), the daughter of my close friends Nathan and Erica Dweck.

In spite of the challenges, Sally Rose continues to be grateful to Hashem for how she is feeling and progressing. She is also so thankful for the wonderful care she is receiving from the doctors and nurses at Memorial Sloan Kettering, the support from the Chai Lifeline staff, her family, rabanim and the entire community.

Every dollar raised will be going to Chai Lifeline, an incredible organization that provides year–round emotional, social, and financial support to more than 4,500 children and their families every year. Chai Lifeline brings joy and hope to each of these children enabling them to live full and happy lives despite the presence of illness. Please check out their videos below.

Please click on the donate button and give Chai Lifeline everything they need to put smiles on the faces of those children.

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1. Nathan and Erica Dweck and family
Hakarat hatov to hashem for holding our hands, and for giving Sally Rose the strength to bring a smile and a wiggle to every challenge. With gratitude to our friend Charlie. Your going to do amazing! we hope to be there to cheer you on. To Dr. Wexler all of our nurses at sloan, and our chai lifeline family,we thank you and love you. May we all continue to see only good. Amen.
2. Charlie Harary
For the Refuah Shelaima of Sally Rose Dweck together with all those that need refuah and for a New Year filled with happiness and health
3. Lawrence And Sherry Lynn Jemal
4. Jack, David, Richard, and Sam Haddad and families
For the Refuah Sheleima of Sally Rose Dweck.
5. Grace & Abe Hidary Foundation
6. Lottie & Jack Terzi
For Refuah Shelaima of Sally Rose Dweck

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