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Sarah Cohen

As some of you may already know, this past year has not been a smooth year for me, Jeff, and our family, and unfortunately, we are not out of the woods yet.

Due to ongoing circumstances, our kids have been beneficiaries of Chai Lifeline’s iShine after-school program, and will likely continue there in September. I can say first-hand, that just the possibility of a program like this has made a TREMENDOUS impact for our family.

Besides having the amazing Camp Simcha, Chai Lifeline provides year-round support in the form of many other activities, services, and guidance for these kids and their families. For example, since camp is only open during the summer months, Chai Lifeline also runs an after-school, dinner and homework-help program called iShine, and many other services. They also provide counseling, and crisis intervention for parents and families that are struggling with illness – for any family member. For more information into their breath of services, you can check out their website at http://www.chailifeline.org/

Jeff and I will be running/walking the Las Vegas Rock n' Roll Half Marathon on November 12th, and this year it is personal.

Because of all the encouragement and support last year, together, our team raised over $17,000 for an organization dedicated to children diagnosed with serious illness, and their families! This was such an amazing feat!

On a personal note, this was my first 10k with Team Lifeline, and Jeff completed the ½ Marathon in 1:55, beating his previous time by a full 7 minutes!

You might say we are just becoming marathon junkies, and looking for annual ways to torture our bodies, but this year is going to be different.

This year - Jeff and I are going to run / walk the ½ Marathon course TOGETHER.

This year - we are going to BRING OUR KIDS WITH US to the Team Lifeline weekend.

This year - we will make a difference in the lives of many children, by starting with EDUCATING OUR OWN CHILDREN.

Your support is a critical part of our effort and we know that together we can make a difference to these children. All donations are 100% tax-deductible, and the Team Lifeline website makes donations quick, easy, and secure.

Making a donation will only take a minute, so please donate today!

Thank you for supporting us, and in doing so, helping children and their families cope with the diagnosis, treatment, and aftermath of serious pediatric illness.

We look forward to keeping you informed of our progress as runners.



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1. Friends of the Cohens
Go Sarah and Jeff!
2. Mom & Dad
Give it a good run for their money. You make us proud!
3. Daniel Segall
4. Edy Blady
5. Susie Chovev
Sarah you are an inspiration to all! lol hakavod to you.
6. Elysia and Marc Stein & Family
We are proud of your determination and hard work! Good luck on the run!
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