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Jeffrey Cohen

Jeffrey Cohen

As I ran recently, I couldn’t help but think about the people that were making “extra” plans for their kids because of the upcoming holiday weekend. Either their kids don’t have school and now the parents are spending the day with them, or the kids have school but there is no bussing and the parents needs to figure out carpool arraignments.

I then started to think about all the families with children suffering with illness and how these “extra” plans for me and my friends are normal every-day thoughts for those families. The ease of just sending our kids on a bus, or the daily respite we get by sending our kids to school for the day is something that some parents never have a chance to experience. For some families, their days are spent all-consumed with caring for a child with a disability or illness. They may be shuttling back and forth to doctors or hospital visits, perhaps learning how to care for or treat their loved-ones. They may be reconstructing their home to be wheelchair accessible or adapting to preparing meals suitable for an NG tube.

While you and I may not feel like we can directly assist these families with their struggles, we can. This November, my son, Joey, and I will be running a 10K race to raise money for Chai Lifeline. Chai Lifeline’s services directly assist the families described above, and their camps – Camp Simcha and Camp Simcha Special. These camps allow parents a much need 2-week “break” by taking complete care of their son or daughter at a full-service medial facility masked as a sleep-away camp.

10 Kilometers may not seem like a great feat for those of you who know me, and know that I have trained and run 13.1 miles for Chai Lifeline in the past. The feat this year, is bringing Joey along, training with him and running alongside him. His success and accomplishment, at age 12, has been my personal challenge. Our training has not been easy, but each time we lace up our sneakers and head outside, I think about the kids that may not have this opportunity. We speak about these kids on our runs and the services that Chai Lifeline offers. I see how motivated Joey becomes and how he pushes himself harder each time we train.

I am proud of his progress, but we still need your help to make an impact for these families. Please push the donate button to make a donation to Chai Lifeline, in support of our run, and together let’s show Joey how motivated we all are to help those in need.

Let's make dreams come true.

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1. Team Gizmo
Continued hatzlocha!
2. James Karimi
Good Luck Buddy. You can bank a 10K out no problem.
3. The Nuvo Group
Best of luck and thanks for all you do. The Nuvo Group
4. Mom & Dad
Keep up the good work! You continue to make us make us proud!
5. David E R Dangoor
Congratulations on your persistence. Best, david
6. Simcha Wurtzel

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