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Lisa Sheinhouse

Lisa Sheinhouse

Over my entire adult career, both personally and professionally, I have been touched by diseases of all shapes and sizes.

I’ve seen my relatives and close colleagues who are my work family touched by cancer, some battles won, and too many unfortunately lost. Cancer is crippling, and it’s debilitating to our families, our friends, and our friends families. It’s everywhere. While it may sound overly dramatic, it’s sadly true. And while I’ve personally felt the effect of it, and there’s little that I can do to change it, there’s something I can do to help those who can.

I’m of course not talking about curing it, although I wish I could, but I can help those who make the lives of those suffering more functional. Chai Lifeline can do that. Chai Lifeline can help.

Last year, my crazy friend bullied me into thinking I can run a marathon, and surprisingly, she was totally right. I could do it, especially when the motivation touched my heart in such a meaningful way. By raising and running for Chai, every step I took made a difference in the life of a family whose child had cancer, or a young mom who had cancer and couldn’t care for her kids. Each step helped a sick child have a brilliant summer in a camp that brought literal simcha to their lives.

It is my great hope to be a part of it again, to bring some simcha to another summer, for a child who deserves that and so much more.

Please open your hearts, and join me in this, and together we can help make a difference

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