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Rob, Benji and I are racing for Chai Lifeline!

Lisa Switzman

Lisa Switzman

In loving memory of my dear sister Mindy Caplan and in support of Chai Lifeline, we are excited to be part of Team Lifeline at the 2018 Rock 'n' Roll race in Las Vegas in November.

Benji and I are both running the 10km race, while Rob is running the Half marathon!

Benji is proud to share with you why he is racing as part of his Bar Mitzvah project. Check out his video: youtu.be/7dYB5whTibE

As a family our goal is to raise $12,000 for Chai Lifeline and we need your help. Here is our story of why Chai Lifeline deserves your generous support.

In July 2016, Mindy was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer. She spent many weeks in the hospital undergoing tests and treatments with her husband Mike at her side, and her two young children Brayden and Chelsea at home.

Throughout her battle with cancer while in hospital and at home, Chai Lifeline was there to help Mindy's family with invaluable support. They brought meals to their house, set up Brayden and Chelsea with a Big Brother and Sister and childcare. They generously provided Mike and the kids with sporting event tickets and holiday presents.

Barely 9 months later Mindy lost her battle. Chai Lifeline continued to be there for her family, providing helping hands to Mike, taking Brayden to Disney World and throwing Chelsea a birthday party. If you want to hear more about what Chai Lifeline meant to Mike, check out his Blog chailifelinecanada.org/chai-blog-mikec-06192018 .

We knew about Chai Lifeline before but we did not understand the impact they can have when they are most needed. We are running this November in Las Vegas to raise awareness and funds so that Chai Lifeline can continue to have an impact on families in Canada and around the World.

We appreciate your generous support towards our ambitious goal.

Love always,
Lisa, Rob and Benji



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1. Adam Dwosh
2. Susan Thouin
3. Vanessa Judelman
Mindy was a loving person and wonderful neighbour. We all miss her. This is an amazing cause and great way to honour her.
4. Ali Spinner
5. Gayle Greener
In Honour of your Dear Sister Mindy!!!
6. Nicole Beinert
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