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Leora Lowe

Leora Lowe

Dear Friends and Family,
I am signed up to run the Las Vegas half marathon with Chai Lifeline for the 3rd time! This race is truly an amazing and life-changing experience that I look forward to doing all year. This past summer I had the opportunity to spend the day at Camp Simcha, which was a tremendously moving experience for me.

Although it was heart breaking to see so many sick children, I was moved to see the joy and laughter they were experiencing while at summer camp. The facility of Camp Simcha is breathtaking with beautiful acres of grassy green hills, on a serene lake-with a state of the art 4 season-dining room.

Beneath the veneer of clowns and rainbows in the infirmary, is a high tech medical step-down unit complete with cardiac monitoring and other emergency equipment. The bunks, pool, and pretty much all activities are air conditioned and handicapped accessible. Truly the best part of the whole day was watching all of the campers and counselors dance and sing and have the time of their lives during their DJ party at lunch-which is a daily occurrence at Camp Simcha!

I left Camp Simcha energized with a powerful purpose.
The suffering that these children undergo is truly heartbreaking.
But Camp Simcha allows these children as well as their families to have a short respite from all of their treatments and hospitalizations.
Let's continue to allow these children to enjoy summer camp and support this most incredible place!

Chai Lifeline provides so many other services to children and families fighting cancer and illness. As a nurse practitioner who has worked in pediatric oncology, I know firsthand the profound impact of this organization. This is what inspired me to once again support Chai Lifeline with the upcoming race in Las Vegas in November.

But I can't do this without you. I know there are so many amazing and meaningful charities worthy of our support. Any help is appreciated-no amount is too small or insignificant. So please help me put smiles on the faces of so many sick children and their families. Let's do this together!

Warmest regards,



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