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Naomi Abergel

Naomi Abergel

Hi!! Some of you may know me and some of you may not. This is my 3rd year participating in the Vegas rock and roll marathon.I will be in a wheelchair up until the last mile which I will walk/run in order to show the world what chai lifeline taught me. I’m 17 years old. I have a chronic illness it’s really difficult to deal with. Sometimes you feel like you can’t do anything your friends are doing. Other times you feel limited and discouraged. That was how I felt until I met chai lifeline and went to camp simcha. They opened my eyes. I have NO limits. I can do anything I want to. Maybe I’ll have to work harder but I can do it. Chai lifeline gave me a superpower. They gave me the power to be happy. Despite what’s going on it’s ok. You’ll get through it. No matter what’s going on you have something to be happy about and look forward to. Camp simcha didn’t just give me happiness though, it gave me friends who understand and can relate to what I am going through and that helps make it easier as well. After everything chai lifeline has done for my family and I, I want to give back. Please help me give back to the organization that has done SO much for me and for so many others!! Help chai lifeline give other kids the superpower I got. Thank you!!!



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1. Anonymous
Good luck!!! We're cheering you on!!! Have a blast!!
3. Nataly Habaz
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Good luck!
5. Natan Davoodi
Hatzlacha Rabba - Only Smachot

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