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Asher Lopatin

Asher Lopatin

Gearing up to run for the 6th time.....though this time with lots less training!!!!!
But still running for the kids and families of Chai Lifeline.

Watch the video below - No Limits....to be inspired by what Chai Lifeline does (and to see a very cute 11 year old Cara!!!)

Thank you for your support!

Best - Asher



raised of $1,800 goal


1. Ruth Tessler
2. David Harris
Try and keep up with your kids...
3. Jen and Adam Levine
Go Asher go!
4. Chani Harris
Yasher koach, Rabbi L!
5. Sharon Katz
You continue to inspire us all, and we love watching your family's journey every year. Let's wipe out cancer and all chronic illness!!! The Katz Family
6. Debby Stoller
Go Rav Asher !
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