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Team Binny

Team Binny

A Message from Binny:

Last year I was benched from running in the 2020 marathon. It was very hard to overcome the disappointment of raising $45,000+ and end up not even running the full race at all. Even though I got access to some cool perks, it was still hard to step away from the race.

The first year I ran with Team Lifeline, I finished the race and started treatment for these annoying brain tumors. Last year, I was in treatment for the same tumors. This coming race, I was planning to be finished with treatment and going into the race stronger, healthier, and actually trained. And happier.

But then Covid hit and suddenly the world was shut down.

The reality is that while everyone else was sheltering at home, trying to avoid the pandemic, the world of pediatric illness never slept. Luckily, neither did Chai Lifeline.

I know about what it means to not be happy and I know that the kids of Chai Lifeline understand that too. I'm running and fundraising so that other kids can feel happy even in times when it seems impossible. Chai Lifeline has been with me most of my life and running for them is how I give back. When you donate to Team Binny, you aren't just pushing us to the top of the leaderboard (though that's kind of important), you are also raising money for the kids of Chai Lifeline.

Let's crush my goal together.

From your fav runner-

(P.S. My mother STILL did not write this. She just fixed the commas.)



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