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Judah Lopatin

Judah Lopatin

We learn in Masechet Avot, "הוי רץ למצוה קלה כבחמורה" "You should run to perform a simple Mitzvah as [you would] a strict one." In the case of the Miami Marathon, we are not only RUNNING to do a Mitzvah, but the running itself IS a Mitzvah! It is so important to raise money and show support for Chai Lifeline. My sister developed cancer when I was in Kindergarten, and then relapsed when I was in second grade. It was very hard, but Chai Lifeline was there for my sister, my siblings, my family, and me the whole time. Two of my friends also were diagnosed with cancer, and Chai Lifeline was there for them as well. They all would come to school and tell me stories of Camp Simcha and Chai Lifeline's other programs. And my siblings and I benefited from iShine! I have been honored to run in this (half) marathon 4 times, and this year would have been my 5th. Although we cannot run together in person, I am so proud to be taking part virtually and I cannot wait to run! Not only should the money go to helping sick children have an awesome experience at Camp Simcha and all the other amazing organizations that Chai Lifeline runs, but the running to do this Mitzvah be a merit to the children whom Chai Lifeline helps. Those diagnosed with the diseases, their siblings, and their families. Can't wait to run "with" you all!
Thank you for your support!

Best - Judah
(if you need some inspiration....watch the No Limits video below)



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1. Jonathan And Cortney Cope
Thank you for all you do! Run like the wind!!! Have fun. Lots of love! The Cope family
2. Ruth Tessler
3. Warren Tessler
4. Judy & John Marx
We are very proud of you and your family. Be safe and be well.
5. Gloria Ruskin
Good luck to the entire Lopatin-Tessler team!
6. Jen and Adam Levine
Go Judah go!
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