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Kayla Carmili

Kayla Carmili

Adeena’s last words were “keep happy” and I couldn’t think of better way to keep that promise alive than to support Chai Lifeline.

About three years ago my dear friend Adeena Paknoush left us. For those of you reading this that did not know her let me tell you a little about her...
Adeena was truly such a role model to me. Even before she got sick she was so friendly, so nice, and so welcoming to not just me, but to everyone. As time went on and she got very very sick, one thing never changed she was always the same Adeena. Even when her sickness would bring her the BIGGEST challenges, she NEVER NOT EVEN ONCE complained. Normally, when anyone gets that sick especially considering she was my age and so young, you would think SHE would be the one that needed the support and encouragement, but it was the opposite... she was the one that gave her family, her friends, and ME strength. Her Emunah and Bitachon in Hashem was literally indescribable. Every time I went to see her, even if she was physically getting sicker, she was growing to a whole new level and just had such a positive outlook on life that it gave everyone, especially me, so much hope. My weekly visits with her always put a smile on my face. She always spread so much joy and when I was with her I’d completely forget what reality really was. Big huge rabbis would come to give her blessings and after speaking with her they would say “YOU’RE the one that should be giving ME a blessing”... that just shows what type of person she was and how special was. She would always encourage people to be their best self, do the right thing, and was so overwhelmed with gratitude and gratefulness to all the people, even strangers, who did mitzvot and got closer to Hashem in her merit. She always looked at the bright side and was literally an angel from Hashem. Even though losing her was really the hardest thing I ever had to go through, I am beyond thankful to Hashem that I had the privilege of knowing her. Because of Adeena I am who I am today!

When her sickness hit her and times were getting tough there was one organization that helped her and her family out and brought so much joy to their lives. That organization was Chai Lifeline. That being said, this year once again I've decided to sign up for Team Lifeline. Although Adeena has left us, I believe by making others happy a little piece of her is still here! Chai Lifeline helped Adeena so much and this is my way of saying thank you! Every dollar I raise will help Chai Lifeline continue to be there for families confronting illness and loss during these difficult times. Chai Lifeline is an amazing organization that offers more than two-dozen year-round programs and services, including transportation to medical appointments, meals delivered to hospitals and homes, emergency financial assistance, and even summer camps for these sick kids that can't go to just any camp out there like the rest of us (Adeena actually went to Camp Simcha herself and had the time of her life!!) . All programs are provided free of charge thanks to generous supporters and friends like you. Considering the circumstances with Covid-19, these kids need us now more than ever!!!
I will appreciate any donation, big or small! Thank you for your support!

I would like to end off with something Adeena once wrote: “I know we all go through hardships in life, and it makes us question our beliefs in God or if there is really a God out there, but in reality, if there wasn’t a God, then none of this would be happening at all. God loves us and he puts us through the hardships in order for us to learn and become better people. Losing emunah in Hashem is not an option for me! And i hope it should never be an option for anyone. Each time, I felt defeated I would just whisper to myself Gam Zeh leh Tovah. Hashem is there with us not just through our smachot but also through our difficulites and we can NEVER forget that.” -Adeena



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