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Shayna Lopatin

Shayna Lopatin

It is so easy to curl up in bed and be lazy. We have all earned it. This pandemic has given me (and everyone) the chance to reflect and be thankful for what we have. And I am so thankful for Chai Lifeline and everything they have done for me and my family. Chai Lifeline helps so many families through their many incredible programs not limited to I-Shine, spa nights for moms, and of course Camp Simcha. To give back, I will be going out into the cold outdoors to do a half marathon. A combination of jogging and walking, I am motivated to finish with the inspiration of all the children who have gone through life-threatening illnesses. Please help me and consider donating to this incredible cause.

Thank you for your support!

Best - Shayna



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Go Shayna go!
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Shayna!!! You rock. Kol hakavod!
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Go Shayna!
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