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Team Turk

Team Turk

This year has been all about the unexpected, the unknown, the different and most of all, the learning how to adapt with all of these changes. Everyone has had to become a bit more creative in the way we live our lives.The normalcy of life we were all used to and had taken for granted has been turned upside down. One of the biggest lessons we have learned through the years of being involved with Chai Lifeline/Team Lifeline, is that one can never take life for granted. A person's reality and future can change dramatically in an instant. And we have seen first hand how our Chai Lifeline families have faced these changes and challenges, and we have learned from and been inspired by the courage and strength that these families have shown. Corona has thrown us for a loop in so many ways. But let's not allow the lack of an "in person" marathon stop the amazing and important work that Chai Lifeline does for these kids. Let's take this crazy situation and use it to do some good. This year my kids and I get to run together as a family without pretty much outside our front door. We are going to run as we have never run before! We might all be doing different distances, but when we get to that final kilometer, and cross our finish line together I know that we will experience the very same high that we experience when crossing the finish line in Miami. How do I know this? Because our high comes not just from finishing a tremendous challenge, it comes from the knowledge that we are helping kids and families who face these challenges every day of their lives. And that is what it is all about. Corona or not.
Chani, Daniel, Goldie, Ruth, Ilan and Amalia Turk



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1. Moshe Turk
2. Ayden Storfer
Run little missy run ! We love you and miss you. We are sad we can’t watch the marathon together in Miami this year but hopefully we will see you soon in Israel. Xoxo Shlomit , Arnon, gabie , Jordy and Ayden
3. Rachelle Schwartz
So excited to sponsor the youngest Turk!! Way to go Amalia :)
4. Jan Faibisoff
5. Tamar Weiss
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