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Yocheved Wylen

Yocheved Wylen

10 years and counting!!

My connection to Team Lifeline began over 15 years ago in Israel. I had the privilege of volunteering for Chayanu-the Israeli counterpart of Chai Lifeline. I was exposed to a level of kindness,selflessness, and charity that I have never seen before. I was drawn to it and spent the next two years volunteering with sick kids in the hospitals. When I came back to America, I signed up to Team Lifeline where I was able to be around the constant inspiration of kindness and giving that Team Lifeline represents.
I will always be in awe of the families and the children that Team Lifeline helps.

I would like to ask you to help me continue supporting and volunteering for Chai Lifeline by sponsoring me for the Las Vegas Marathon.

Best - Yocheved



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1. Ari Winter
Yo heaved, you’re my hero!
2. Anonymous
Keep on running!
4. Scott Bricker
Best of luck to you!
5. Dahans
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