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Team Stephen! Let's ROCK past my goal!!

Susan Pitts

Susan Pitts

Hard for me to believe it's been 10 years since my son has been here with me...since I hugged and kissed and heard his voice. My gratitude could not be any greater for your kind compassionate heart. Joining me in honoring the memory of my son, Stephen, Jason's brother, lets me know you care as you warm my heart with love. Time moves on...the longing for my son remains every day. I miss him beyond words. I wear his picture across my heart during the marathon. Stephen's presence in every heart beat...every step with me and Jason.

This annual event honoring my son's life...remembering Stephen... has given my life the purpose needed to live a meaningful life. Stephen would have wanted to be honored in this way... helping another kid, like himself, get to Camp Simcha. A place that was magical for him. Two weeks of happiness, laughter and fun while struggling with the physical and emotional pain of cancer. Stephen loved Camp Simcha and felt much gratitude for all who made it possible.

I will be with Team Lifeline at the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas 10K this November for the sixth year. Jason next to me...devoted to honoring his brother's life. Jason's consistent encouragement and belief in me moves me forward every year. It is my life's commitment for as long as I am able.
I’m not just running for my own satisfaction, rather for something monumentally important...
for very sick children who have been stricken with cancer. I am running to raise money to provide those children with moments of happiness...2 weeks at summer camp... away from unrelenting devastation.
I've walked the walk and know I must help other children. Sadly, there are still too many.

I can’t do it alone. I need your help.

Please, push the donate button. Reach into your heart with compassion and be a silent partner in a very sick child's happiness. Place a smile on a face that yearns for one. No minimum or maximum. Every dollar matters. Every dollar is needed. The families pay for nothing.
Join me in honoring the memory of my son Stephen, Jason's brother, your family, and to many, your friend.

With much love and infinite gratitude,
Stephen and Jason's mother.



raised of $20,000 goal


1. Dakota Fanning
Please accept this donation of behalf of the Fanning family.
2. Elle Fanning
Please accept this donation on behalf of the Fanning family.
3. Elizabeth Kaplan
In honor of Stephen, and in support of Susan & Jason
4. John Scott & Tamara Grace
With love to Susan, Jason & Stephen, who’s memory will always be with our family.
5. Debra Powell
In loving memory of Stephen! Love Rick, Debbie & Ashley Powell
6. Ari Adlerstein
Susan you're amazing!

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