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Adam Teitcher

Adam Teitcher

For the past 5 years, I ran the half marathon in Las Vegas as part of Team Lifeline.  This year, however, it is the 10K that bears extra special meaning.  

I have the honor this year of joining both of my parents on the course for the 10K in Las Vegas. We are participating in the 10K together in recognition, celebration, and appreciation of my father's successful recovery from unexpected quadruple bypass surgery in 2018. It was a wake up call in more ways than one for my father, my family, and for me.

In the days after surgery, I challenged my father to join me in Las Vegas when he recovered. He scoffed at the idea--after all, he had never done an event like it before and certainly didn't think he would be able to do it afterward.

I'm proud to say that on Sunday, November 17th, I'll be participating in the 10K at the Las Vegas Rock 'N Roll Marathon alongside **both** of my parents.  I am grateful to be participating alongside each of them, honored to join them for their first-ever race, and proud to be doing it while wearing the Team Lifeline jersey.  The fact that my daughter will be able to see her dad cross the finish line alongside her grandparents with our heads and hands held high in triumph is a lesson in perseverance and dedication that is priceless.

We are running as part of Team Lifeline.  Chai Lifeline is a fantastic organization that provides year-round support to more than 5,500 children and their families each year.  Chai Lifeline helps these families where they need it the most--whether it be emotional, financial, or social support in times of need wrought by severe illness.  

You can be a part of these families' stories, too.  We have set a team fundraising goal of $12,000, and we need your help to reach that goal.  Donate what you can. In fact, please donate more than you think you can--it won't make much of a difference to you, but it will make the world of a difference to someone in need.

**Plus, every dollar donated will be matched. So please, consider giving more than you normally would.**

Together, we can make a difference.  And maybe I'll see you on the course next year.




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