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Sorra Crandall

Sorra Crandall

Cancer. A word no one wants to hear. A word that brings along nightmares, fear and sickness. What does someone do when they are bewildered and frightened, alone in the hospital? What do parents do when they give birth to a child with a chronic illness? Who will stay with the child in the hospital? Who will ever make this precious soul smile again. There is darkness and one long never ending tunnel. Hope is almost all lost.

One day the parents receive a call. Go home, take a shower, spend time with your other children. We are sending over volunteers to the hospital to spend time with your child. ✨Chai Lifeline✨It’s a moms weekend. All the moms of these sick children get a long weekend to themselves, being pampered, while creating everlasting friendships with other mothers who can relate. ✨Chai Lifeline✨Summer rolls around and all the other children are going to camp. Well, so are the children who are ill. Camp Simcha, a place for a child to be who he is. Where bald is #beautiful. Where IV’s , pricks, and needles are just another morning ritual. Where a child who feels lost and alone, can smile again. A magical place. ✨Chai Lifeline✨ Holiday Parties. Overload of presents, board games, ball games, teddy bears, all given with a smile. ✨Chai Lifeline✨ I was fortunate to have volunteered in Camp Simcha these past 4 summers. I saw first hand how girls lives were changed. Heard numerous campers speak about their experiences and how Chai Lifeline has changed their life.

My father @shlomocrandall, Regional Director of Chai Lifeline Midwest, runs @wishatthewall. A 10 day trip in Israel for teens apart of Chai Lifeline. Being a volunteer on this trip changed my life. Seeing these teenagers, some older and younger then I am, speaking about what they’ve been through and how they wouldn’t change it for anything. My tears would not stop flowing.

To quote one camper, someone who I respect so much and really became a good friend of mine @yitzi68 “When one gets cancer, they have no idea where to turn or what to do. The thoughts that go through your head, the pain you endure and so much more. This is when chai lifeline comes in and truly puts you on their back and helps you get to the finish line. Through treatments and surgeries, they’re there all the way through. Without chai lifeline, I wouldn’t be here today”

Chai Lifeline gives this long dark tunnel , the light. The cane in this long turbulent time period.

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1. Jennifer Simon
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Sorra: You rock!
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Amazing job Sorra!!! Your doing amazing things for an amazing organization!! You are my favorite candle ever!!! Kisses from all the fishes!! Love you the most!!
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Good Luck Sorra!! Love ya!
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Go Sorra!!!
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