Let's help Bentzion ben Nomi Rochel Margolit!!

Team Katz Speedsters

Team Katz Speedsters

We are excited once again to be training to run the Las Vegas Marathon as part of Team Lifeline, to raise money for Chai Lifeline. The run will definitely not be easy; but neither is life for a child with cancer or other serious illness.

To show our dedication to Chai Lifeline, I actually was able to convince my wife, Huvy, to run with me this year. This will be no easy task for her at all (the training and the double fund raising we will have to do), but knowing how much it helps the kids at Camp Simcha makes all the effort worth it.

This year we will be running for a very special cause. Bentzion (Bentzion ben Nomi Rochel Margolit) is an adorable 2-year-old boy. Typically, he is quite mischievous and lively and, Oh So Cute. A few months ago, he was diagnosed with a dreaded disease that has shocked his family to their core. But instead of withdrawing into their own little bubble, they decided to expand their community involvement, all as a zechus for little Bentzion. We are good friends with Bentzion's grandparents, Neil & Goldie Ellman, and were trying to figure out what we can do as a zechus for a Refeua Shelaima. And then we thought, "what better way to honor Bentzion then to sponsor our marathon run in his merit". In this way, every single dollar that we raise and, of course, every single dollar that YOU donate will be in Bentzion's merit and, we hope, will lead to a quick and miraculous recovery.

And what better organization than Chai Lifeline for these donations to go towards. What amazing work they do helping children, and their families, facing debilitating illnesses. They have all these amazing programs throughout the year helping people get to and from hospitals, taking care of the children in the hospital and at home and all of the special getaways and events at every turn. And the highlight of the year for many of these sick children is Camp Simcha, where the children get a couple of weeks where they are literally treated like royalty and, perhaps, can forget about their illness for a while. Your donations will help in this AMAZING work and be a great zechus for Bentzion.

Please click on the link ( teamlifeline.org/vegas/avikatz ) or you can send me a check made out to Chai Lifeline. Checks can be sent to:
Avi Katz
9 Celia Ct
Suffern NY 10901

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Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness for my grandson.
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Good luck and Tizku l'mitzvos.
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