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Tehila Heller ז"ל & Gitty Smith ז"ל

Yitzie Selengut

Yitzie Selengut

This coming November, I will be running in my 3rd half marathon for charity. This year, I have decided to raise funds for Chai Lifeline in memory of my cousin GITTY SMITH, and TEHILA HELLER.

In Gitty’s 3 short years here, she was a beacon of light to those around her. She would greet everyone with a smile even from her hospital bed, melting the hearts of everyone she encountered. After she was Niftar, projects created in her memory inspired so many others to be better people. Her parents-my cousins, Debbie and Yitzy Smith as well as their family, have shown so much strength in not only dealing with their own tragedy, but in helping others, through Chai Lifeline’s amazing Shabbatons and therapy sessions, deal with the issues they have and unfortunately will, be facing.

This past summer, our friends, Ira and Alysia Heller lost their daughter Neshama Tehila. Like Gitty she was an inspiration to all that had the privilege to know and loved her. Besides for those around her, she inspired so many around the globe to make themselves better people, complete Tehillim several times a day, and even inspired one man to take it upon himself to have a children’s hospital built in Israel. Chai Lifeline was always there for Tehila and the Heller family, and they were gracious enough to allow me to run and raise funds in her memory for the organization that aided them through the years.

With your help, we can partner with Chai Lifeline to help out these children (and families) that are suffering through illness that we should never know. Please click on the DONATE tab above to join me on the streets of Las Vegas, raising money for this most noble and worthwhile of organizations.




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run Yitzie run
4. Russell Brandwein
Great work and great cause. Good Luck!
5. Malka Lundner
Thank you, Yitzie, for once again giving so much of yourself to help a wonderful organization that helps some of the sickest children in our world. Chai Lifeline needs help from ALL of us. My own grandson's life, B'H, was saved some years ago by Chai Lifeline. PLEASE add to Yitzie's campaign during the Aseret Yimai Teshuvah. Thanks and G'mar Tov!
6. Elana Kohn

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