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In Memory of Gitty Smith Z"L

Yitzie Selengut

Yitzie Selengut

In November, I will be running in my third half marathon, the second for TEAM LIFELINE, once again in memory of my cousin GITTY SMITH, OBM. In her short 3 years she changed so many lives, including my own. I remember at her 2nd Yarzheit, her father, my cousin, Yitzy Smith, offering to purchase my first Artscroll Gemarah and to start the Daf Yomi cycle. I kindly returned his money, and began the 7 1/2 year journey through Talmud Bavli, which I just finished several weeks ago. Her parents continue to touch lives of others who are going through what they experienced 10 years ago.

I ran for Team Lifeline in Las Vegas in 2017, and was planning to again last year, however, my knees wouldnt have it, and I ended up having knee surgery around the time of the race. I was determined at that time to give it another shot this year, and am training for the race. Training isnt easy, especially with a bum knee, but keeping Gitty and her parents on my mind, as well as the thousands of other children and their parents, who are cheering me, and the rest of the Team, on. Whether they are lining the sidewalks, in thoughts, or in their hospital beds, we are determined to help them as much as possible.

In addition to being there for the children and parents going through the illnesses, and being there for the parents and siblings afterwards, CHAI LIFELINE provides EVERYTHING you can imagine. From Emotional, Financial, and Social support, to providing transportation to medical appointments and everything in between, Chai Lifeline and their hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of volunteers and supporters, are there for the children and families 24/7/365.

Chai Lifeline's most famous program is Camp Simcha. It allows children suffering from terrible illnesses to be kids again, even for a short time during the summer. Mere words cannot to justice to this program or to this organization, so to get a better understanding of what it is, please watch the video below.

I hope that you will dig deep and help me, help them, by helping me reach my fundraising goal. Chai Lifeline is one of those organizations that we hope NEVER to need, but are grateful beyond words, if, Heaven forbid, we do.

Tizku L'Mitzvot,




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2. Ema & Abba Block
We are very proud to sponsor you again !
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4. Rahel Guidanian
5. Dena Wimpfheimer
In honor of all the incredible children and staff of Camp Simcha and the work of Chai Lifeline.
6. Eudice Spitz
Kol Hakavod and good luck! Eudice & Menachem Spitz Efrat, Israel

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