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Team lifeline marathon

Naomi Abergel

Naomi Abergel

Hi there! Some of you may already know that I’m training to run the Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas marathon this November for my 4th year. Running a is a personal challenge, especially with my illnesses but it is worth it because I’m running for the organization that has done so much for me- Chai lifeline. I can spend days trying to explain how much they mean to me and I would still have more to say. There just isn’t enough words in the English language to fully explain how much Chai lifeline does for myself and so many others but I’ll try by focusing on the part of Chai lifeline that saved me. Camp Simcha Special.
Camp Simcha Special is a camp that me and my other friends with chronic illness get to go to for 2 weeks every summer. Where once we pass through those gates we get to leave our worries behind & be regular kids. We have the time of our lives & it’s what gets us through our year of pain, doctors & hospitalizations. It’s where I’ve made my dearest friends and we view this place as more of a home than a camp. The staff there is phenomenal, they exude happiness & excitement at all times & it rubs off onto us. I mean how can it not? We can be in the infirmary & the nurses will be blasting music, dancing with us & swing us around on iv poles to make the experience as positive as they can. We also have awesome activities throughout the day like candle making or helicopter rides and each camper is assigned their own counselor. My first year of Camp simcha is where I met my amazing counselor Tehila Schwartz and she’s always there for me. I do this race with her and fundraise as a way to give back to this organization that has done so much for me and THOUSANDS of others world wide. Tehila pushes me in a wheelchair through the race until I get up to do the last mile. It’s a lot of work & I can’t do this alone. I need YOUR help. Donate whatever you can, share this with whoever you can, and spread awareness. I work tirelessly with the help of my doctors and physical therapists to be able to participate in this race by running the last mile because that’s what chai lifeline/camp simcha special taught me. To never give up on my dreams. That I can do ANYTHING I want to do. Maybe I’d have to do it differently but I CAN do it, my only limitation is myself. And with YOUR help I get to enable their continuation of passing this message onto all the other kids of this organization. Help me spread the happiness that is chai lifeline. All donations go directly to them!
Thank you and, T’isku l’mitzvos!
-Naomi Abergel



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You’re amazing Naomi!!!
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Naomi good luck!! You rock!
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5. Naomi Abergel
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