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Vegas & Miami

Toby Barsky

Toby Barsky

If you know me then you know my story and why I am running for this wonderful organization. However if you are new to this journey, let me tell you why I am undertaking this challenge to raise money and run 2 marathons this year. That’s right, Vegas and Miami!!!!

Unfortunately I am no stranger to cancer and it's devastating effects. I have watched both my mother and sister (a'h) fight and lose their battles with cancer. I have also seen how supportive Chai Lifeline has been during those struggles.

What is Chai Lifeline:
Chai Lifeline is a wonderful organization that provides year–round emotional, social, and financial support to more than 4,500 children and their families every year. Chai Lifeline´s programs and activities change their lives forever, returning joy and hope and enabling them to live full and happy lives despite the presence of illness. To get a better idea of what Chai Lifeline does for families, please watch the videos below. I know they will touch your heart the way they touched mine.

This will be my fifth year running with Team Lifeline and I am so proud to be affiliated with this amazing cause. I can train for this run but I cannot get to either Vegas or Miami without your help. Please consider donating to this amazing cause and sponsoring my run with Team Lifeline.
With love,



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1. Anonymous
2. Yudit
Toby, you are an inspiration! You got this! Love you!😘
3. Esther Dembitzer
In Memory of Mommy and Rivky A’H. Toby, we are so incredibly proud of you!!! Go get em girl👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻
4. Rochel Friedler
You got this Toby!! BHatzlacha!!
5. Leah Shurin
Good luck Toby!!
6. Tanya and Amitai
You rock!!

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