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Bracha Silver
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Bracha Silver

Leaves are changing colour.
Some are falling off.
Weather is changing, getting cooler.
And soon will be the 8th yahrtzeit of my Avi.

Time flies by, yet also stands very still for me. The pain is very real and doesn't seem to move on or get better, but I accept it and I know whatever Hashem did, does and will do is for the best.

My choice or bechira will be to be as good and as positive as I can. To be part of helping children with Chai Lifeline, to live to the fullest and succeed in ways that Chai Lifeline makes it possible to do so.

So in the merit of my beautiful son Avi, may his neshama be with Hashem near the Kisai Ha Kavod, I will run the marathon, and I'm asking my friends and family to sponsor me.

Waiting for Techias Hamisim. Love you all,
Bracha (Avi's Mom)


raised of $30,000 goal


1. Erick Bouaziz
2. Shimshy And Reena Friedman
L’zecher nishmas avi- we miss you to tons, and living off the lessons you taught us!!
3. Rachel Hauer
Way to go Bracha!
4. Caryl Englander
Kol Hacavod to Bruchey Silver
5. Sara & Ronnie Klompus
We can't believe that it's close to 8 years since Avi's petira. It still feels very recent. The incredible sparkle of his blue eyes, his ongoing courage, his generous nature & yearning to be close to hashem are indelibly etched in our 💕. He continues to be our daily inspiration!
6. Steven Ingber
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