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Yitty Silver (Braun)

Yitty Silver (Braun)

Once again I will be raising money for team lifeline.
Once again I will question my every step while running those 13 miles.
Once again I will vow never to ever (like ever) run a half marathon again.
Yet once again I am reaching out for your support for team lifeline!

I don't need to tell you what an incredible organization Team Lifeline is.. You know the work they do to help children suffering with life threatening illnesses. It is for this reason why I lace up my sneakers and attempt to get to that finish line year after year.

please help me once again reach my goal :)
Tizku Lemitzvos !



raised of $10,000 goal


1. credit from 2021 season
2. Devorah Wilschanski
Thanks for spreading your Yitty light in the most dazzling-heart-aglow way. You are amazing!
3. Rivky Braun
Go Yitty! You got this! Your Awesome!
4. Yuval Schanzer
Love you always rockstar!!!
5. Sruli Braun
6. Anonymous
GO yitta! You are an amazing human - but I'm still not running with you :)

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