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Bracha Pilicer

Bracha Pilicer

For fourteen years, I looked forward to summers and enjoyed many active days in Camp Simcha Special. A few of my favorite activities were Candle Making, Pottery and Ductagami, but really the best part was the friendships and camaraderie with campers who understood me, as I understood them.

For six years now, I've looked forward to winters, when I pay forward the good times I enjoyed in the past and solicit sponsorships in support of the campers of today. I will again be participating in the Team Lifeline Miami Marathon this winter and I asked you and your friends and families to join me by donating amounts large or small to enable the medically challenged children of today to relish the magic place and time that is Camp Simcha Special.

My grandparents were always proud of my participation in Team Lifeline. I dedicate my fundraising efforts to their memory. Won't you join me with your generous donation.




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1. Anonymous
2. Miriam Pilicer
You got this!
3. Adina Aberbach
4. Ephraim Fruchthandler
In appreciation for all you do. Chazak chazak chazak You inspire us all
5. Haim And Karina Heller
6. Anonymous

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