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Liluy Nishmas Dvora Leah bas Harav Yeshaya Dovid

Chaya Hecht

Chaya Hecht

I am excited to join my fellow Camp Simcha Special Medical Staff in running (somewhat ;) ) in the Miami Half-Marathon as part of Team Lifeline to benefit children with cancer, disabilities, and other serious medical conditions this January. As the Head Nurse at Camp Simcha Special, a division of Chai Lifeline, I have been privileged to witness the magic that takes place there every summer and the long lasting effects camp has in helping the children overcome their hardships.

The Tzedaka (charity) being raised is in the zechus Aliyas Neshama for my mother, Dvora Leah bas Harav Yeshaya Dovid who was and always will be my biggest role model and greatest cheerleader.

I also together with "Team Infirmary" am running lezechus refuah shelaima for Itamar Tzvi ben Dvora Esther who is so near and dear to us all!

And of course doing it for the kids!!!

Every donation is 100% tax deductible. Please join me in supporting this important organization by contributing to my personal runner page.

Thank you so much!!


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1. I L Markovitz
In memory of Dvora Leah and Ruth Markovitz
2. Rita Siff
We’re sooo proud of you and love you sooooo much! Savta and Zaidy
3. Anonymous
In honor of the very special nurse Chaya! Always welcoming the campers with her contagious smile! Let all the hard work you put in to camp be a zechus for you to see much hatzlacha and Bracha in the future BZH!
4. Dov And Esther Lebovic
You continue to inspire me in so many ways. Wishing you lots of Hatzlacha in all that you do. Go Chaya!
5. Malkie Schorr
Most amazing Neighbour! Love working with you every summer:)
6. Esther Florans
In honor of the best head nurse!!! Cant wait to race you to the finish line!
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