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Malky Ganz

Malky Ganz

Imagine a girl. A girl born different. Imagine her however you'd like. Imagine this girl sitting on the side at every recess because she might get hurt playing ball. Imagine this girl sitting inside every winter while everyone is having snowball fights because one slip onto the floor meant a broken bone. Imagine this girl sitting at home at the start of every summer while all her friends leave to camp. Because living with a disability, camp was never an option.

Now imagine a haven. A haven designed specially for her. A safe place where everything she could not do all year was made possible. From playing sports to running through fake snow to going down a zipline to dancing non stop. And simply but most importantly just being in camp and making the best of friends. And if Gd forbid something were to happen, there was a team of professional doctors and nurses on call 24/7, ready to help with the best care, in an infirmary that was stocked like a hospital but looked more like a hotel.

That haven is Camp Simcha. And that girl was me. Going to camp for the seven years that I did, didn't change my life. It gave me life.

Please help me support this incredible organization that is a lifeline for so many. With every dollar you are saving lives. I know. I was one of them.

Malky Ganz


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