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I only except donations above 100 LOL

Jacob Rothman

Jacob Rothman

To All my friends and family,

For years I have been watching my dad run Team Lifeline. I always watched in amazement while he continued to lose weight and run faster. I have always wanted to join him in running and finally, I am old enough to do a half-marathon with him. For the last few months we have both been training together and it has been an epic time with my dad.

I grew up being involved in Chai Lifeline seeing the children impacted firsthand has always influenced me in a positive way. From joining in the events to going on the Disney trip I helped ensure that children always had an incredible time. Watching my Dad leaving early and coming home late at night I know the dollars are going to good use. It is truly an honour to be able to do this to help him continue his mission.

During this auspicious time, I ask that you sponsor me on my page. Every dollar helps


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Good luck!!!!
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Good luck cuz!

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