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Miriam Dachs

Miriam Dachs

We will be participating in the Miami Half Marathon with Team Lifeline. When we signed up to run, we chose to run with Team Lifeline because we had been so moved by the amazing things we had seen Chai Lifeline do for so many people that we know personally. After these past couple of weeks, We have chosen to re-dedicate our run as a Team, L'iluy nishmas a special inspirational friend who was more like a sister , Shani Platovsky (Chaya Bracha bas Yehonatan Avraham). Shani was full of life, love and laughter and had so much to live for and her whole life was about doing Chesed and making others feel special. She was always so intune to the needs of others, and always looked for a way to help out in a way that was tznius and behind the scenes. We hope the money We raise in her honor will enable Chai Lifeline to continue doing the Chesed that they do. Continuing her legacy of the beautiful Chesed her life was all about ❤
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Tizku limitzvos


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1. Anonymous
Good luck from the Rubin’s
2. Sharona And Yaakov Laster
3. Lipa Krausz
your husband michel is great and his profession honest @ smart
4. Rita & Eli Goldberg
T'izku L'mitzvot! Good luck Miriam!
5. Yonah and Chani
Congrats Miriam!! You’re incredible, we’re cheering you on every step and mile!!
6. Lanette Dachs

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