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A Million Ways to Step Out of Line

Peri Finkelstein

Peri Finkelstein

There are a million ways to change the world and make your mark. Team Peri, having raised $800,000 over the last 12 years for Chai Lifeline, is on the trajectory to raise One Million Dollars by January 29, 2023.

‘A Million Ways to Step Out of Line’ is a concept that Peri embodies, as she has physically raced in the Miami Marathon since 2010 and has been the marketing director of Team Peri over the last six years. She has created, produced, co-hosted, and edited her own podcast, “Team Peri Step Out Of Line,” since 2020, where she has interviewed over 85 celebrities, entrepreneurs, and unique individuals who have chosen to Step Out of Line in their own lives. Much like Peri, this successful and inspirational podcast focuses on the positive impact that the millions of choices individuals can make in their own lives have subsequent ripple effects on the world.

Peri Finkelstein, born with a severe form of Muscular Dystrophy, is a recent college graduate from Adelphi University with a projected MBA graduate by 2024. She is vent-dependent 24/7 and is mobile via an electric wheelchair. Peri has had more setbacks medically in her life than we can mention, however, that is not what she chooses to focus on. Rather, her need, her desire, and her will to raise as much money as she can to help children like herself have been her motivation and her own way to Step Out of Line over the past 12 years.

Chai Lifeline offers a multitude of programs and assistance to children with severe medical illnesses and cancer, as well as the support that the families so desperately need. Peri herself has been lucky enough to over the years attend Camp Simcha, holiday programs, and Wish at the Wall, and today, she continues to utilize the insurance advocacy support in order to get the medical equipment needed for her survival approved time and time again when it is often denied. For a child and their family fighting cancer or living with a severe medical illness like Peri, Chai Lifeline gives them the strength, support, and love that is very much needed and reminds them that they are not alone on their journey.
One Million Ways to Step Out of Line. One million ways to make your mark on the world. One million ways to be like Peri; determined, unwavering, brave, strong, courageous, resilient, and extraordinary in the most difficult of times.

You can be a part of the magic by taking part in this year's Team Peri fundraising campaign dedicated to the children of Chai Lifeline. All donations made to Team Peri’s fundraising campaign are tax-deductible and go directly to Chai Lifeline.
We are counting on your help to get us to that ONE MILLION DOLLAR goal this year.

Together, we can change the world, Step Out Of Line, and make this happen. Now, let’s start heading down the road to one million!

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Instagram: @peri.rhiannon & @team_peri_rox
Twitter: @goteamperi
TikTok: @team_peri_rox
YouTube: Team Peri


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Best of luck in Florida 2023!

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